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Have you ever wanted to get married without your parents permission? Does the love of your life exist only online? Do you just want to get married for the poop of it? If you answered yes to any of those questions: Join this community!

This is a community for online marriages. It includes proposals, congratulations (In whatever form members like; comments, cards, virtual wedding gifts..), you can adopt kids.. If there's trouble in your marriage, you can seek marriage counseling from our certified counselors, you can get divorced, or legally seperated, you can basically do anything you can think of, but if you don't think it'd be appropriate then.. well, ask one of us first.

Maintained by: maureeni, ihateverything, shazzle

How To..

Get married: First of all, you need to propose to someone/be proposed to. This has to be done in a post. Then, you have to accept or be accepted. If someone proposes to you, accept them in a comment. Once the marriage is approved by shazzle, she will comment with the marriage papers that you and your fiance must fill out, and then one of you must post them to make the marriage official.

Get divorced: Propose the idea of your divorce in a post. Your spouse may or may not comment, but the divorce has to be approved by Maureeni. Make sure that when you post, you tell why you want to get divorced, and if you have kids. If you do have kids, custody issues will be discussed. If the divorce is legitimate, Maureeni will post the divorce papers in a comment for you and your spouse to fill out, and then you must post them to make the divorce official.

Get counseling: Just post about your problem in the community, and wait for any of us to counsel you in a comment.

Adopt: All you need to do, is find a picture of the kid/kids you wish to adopt at: Letsgethitched. The password for it is the same as the name; letsgethitched.Then, tell us in a post that you want to adopt. We will then comment with adoption papers. Fill them out, and post them, and ihateverything will either approve or disapprove the adoption. Make sure you post the picture of the kid you chose, so everyone can ooh, and aah, and congratulate you! (Please put pictures in an lj-cut).

Pick a spouse: Choose spouses based on their applications or posts. If you already know someone, you can propose to them, too. Propose in a post so everyone can see, and the person you proposed to can accept or decline in a comment. If they decline, well, there's always next post.

If you have any questions, just e-mail us, or ask in a comment.

P.S. I said you could adopt kids for a reason, so please just DO NOT start cybering. Do that in private. kthnx.

-->All new members must post application with first post, OR within 48 hours of joining. Posting pictures is optional, but if you decide to do so, use an LJ-cut. Anyone posting inappropriate pictures will be banned from LetsGetHitched. And you know.. we'd all hate to see that happen. *tear*

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