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Name: Michelle
Age: 13
Sex: female
Location: LF, NJ
Picture (Optional)--sorry, I don't have a digi-camera.

Movie: Kill Bill vol. 2 and King Arthur
Song: Aw, I like too many songs to pick out JUST ONE! well, okay. Right now I guess it's End of the World by The Living End.
Actor: Jackie Chan
Actress: Uma Thurman
Band: AFI
Individual singer: Bjork
TV show: Trigun
Soda: I don't really like soda, but if I have to choose, orange soda.
Cartoon Character: Kuroneko-Sama!! closely followed by Nicholas D. Wolfwood
Color: Red closely followed by green
Food: Sushi
Super-hero: batman, or Vash the Stampede...He's MY hero!!
Candy: pixie-stix
Animal: tigers
Quote: "This world is made of LOVE AND PEACE!" --Vash the Stampede

Most interesting trait: my mixy-colored hair. "what color is it really!?!"
Where'd you hear about LetsGetHitched?: _beauty_inside_
Any suggestions?: not really.
Anything else you want to say about yourself?: well... I'm 4'10, maroonish eyes, undecided color of hair (although it seems to be flaming orange-red-brown-black), and I like long walks on the beach....hehh, juuuust kidding. that's all. ^_^
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