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Name: Meghan
Age: 17
Sex: Female
Location: Memphis, Tha Dirrty South
Picture (Optional)

Movie: Can I have more than one? Moulin Rouge!, Chicago, 8 Mile, Stand By Me, South park: Bigger, longer and uncut, and the harry potter movies
Song: Country- Kenny Chesney- Wanna Love Somebody Like You and Tim McGraw- Tiny Dancer. Rap- Lloyd Banks- On Fire and Ying Yang Twins- Whats Happenin. Rock- The Darkness- I Believe in a Thing Called Love, Love is Just a Feeling (anyways), 80's- Def Leppard- Pour some sugar on me and Meatloaf- I'd Do anything for love (but I wont do that)
Actor: Johnny Depp
Actress: Audrey Hepburn
Band: The Darkness
Individual singer: Eminem
TV show: Pimp My Ride and newlyweds
Soda: Mountain Dew
Cartoon Character: Betty Boop
Color: Baby Pink
Food: Chocolate cake frosting from the can
Super-hero: Batman
Candy: Butterfingers
Animal: Pomeranian
Quote: I have 3- "Why be good when being bad is *so* much more fun?" "people say violence never solves anything...well I was put here to prove them wrong" and "its easier to ask forgiveness than permission, but even better if you just don't get caught"

Most interesting trait: I'm always smiling, no matter what. even the word smile makes me smile.
Where'd you hear about LetsGetHitched?: the mod for beautyinside
Any suggestions?: I think its a cool idea and it seems like its workin
Anything else you want to say about yourself?: I'm a total blonde, so I'll probs say and do a lot of stupid things- sorry in advance! Plus, i get confused really easily.
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